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Speech sounds involve the production, transmission and reception and study the medium of spoken language. When someone speaks these sound waves travel through the air and reach from one person to another in the form of spoken words and speech sounds. It means speech is a mean of communication between human beings although in some societies written language is based upon speech. It is used to understand the spoken language .Sometimes this occurs in the form of a dialogue and in other situations it is in the form of a sermon. Thus there are many forms of a speech sound.

Speech is not understandable for those who are unable to listen, as for deafs.They can never understand it because they are unable to speak and for this reason their means of understanding is signs and gestures .In this respect, their matter differs widely from normal human beings. Although there are many ways of expressing their thoughts .

It is also worth noting that human speech and speech sounds differs widely from that of animals and birds .They have their own ability to speak and utter and the main reason behind it is that animals don't think or contemplate. It is only humans who are blessed with this capability to speak and think .Thus speech is the characteristics of human beings only.

Speech is also the main branch of phonology and it has its detailed analysis done by the researchers and analysts. There are speech perception, speech production and organs of speech which are studied round it. How consonants and vowels are uttered and what is the shape of tongue and jaws while pronouncing these words and characters, these are all analyzed in the phonology to understand speech and speech sounds.

If there would be no speech system and no one is understanding each other and his language then there would be anarchy and disorder in the societies and no system could work properly and efficiently .To make the situation more clearer we can think about the situation where a person who is unable to speak or understand English goes abroad and he is facing this difficulty to understand the speech of those people .he will be no less than a deaf in such a situation because he has no idea how to speak with those people and what. both the natives will be speaking in their own national language and both are unable to express their thoughts and make it understandable for each other.

Thus to end this article discussion on speech, it is clear and evident that speech is an important factor in our lives and no society can exist without the understanding of speech and speech sounds properly and efficiently.

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