Qualities to Look for In Your Speech Therapist

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Sometimes in life, situations occur where a person needs speech therapy to learn or re-learn how to communicate effectively.  The situation might be an injury that affects motor skills, a stroke, or an issue that starts in childhood.  These could be a hearing impairment, developmental delay or other issue.  In certain cases you will be paired up with a speech therapist and will have to make the best of it, but if it’s possible to choose one, certain qualities should be sought.  Family members are often saddled with the responsibility of finding a speech therapist, but the rules apply to anyone.  
A lot is expected from those who perform speech therapy jobs, which is why it makes sense to seek out qualities that signify you are on the right track.  First, you want someone who has the necessary credentials.  A Master’s Degree or even PhD are sometimes required for a speech therapist.  Knowing that he or she also has had success treating patients in the same situation is also a good sign.  Speech therapy can be a long and draw out kind of process and it’s always good to know the therapist you choose has seen it all before.  
The fact that it is a long process makes patience a very important quality of speech therapy jobs.  If a therapist has a tendency to grow impatient, it will certainly hinder the treatment and will set the patient back in his progress.  Some patients move forward more slowly than others, and a good therapist will always be able to adjust. Obviously, strong communication skills are also a must if someone wants to excel in speech therapy.  If a therapist wants to specialize in helping children, then having a flare for dealing with kids will definitely help.  The actual technical skills of the job are just one of the aspects that make a speech therapist valuable.  
Genuine compassion for others is another big quality you’ll want to see in someone performing speech therapy jobs.  That might be more of a judgment call than anything else, but try to determine if it’s there before you sign on.  If a speech therapist is willing to give some references, you can ask former patients about the level of compassion and empathy the therapist showed when working with them.   Once you have narrowed down the qualities that you feel are important, you can feel confident that you have the right person for the job.  
Speech therapy jobs may be performed in any number of places.  Speech therapy is available in hospitals, clinics, some schools, rehabilitations centers and other medical facilities.  Where you or your family member get it depends on the age of the patient and the situation that led to him needing it in the first place.  Speech therapy isn’t anything that anyone would ever hope to need, but if you or someone you care about does need it, you might as well find a therapist that is going to work best for you. 
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Qualities to Look for In Your Speech Therapist

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This article was published on 2012/05/15