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There's no woman more important in a girl's life than her mother. You guided her as she grew from a girl to a woman. Now, it is time to let her go. As you help her start her new life as a wife, you may want to say a few words. But where do you even begin to talk about the child you raised from an infant? Here are some tips and guidance on what direction you might take in giving a speech at her wedding.
A good tip for any type of mother of bride speech is to say what you know. You've watched her grow up for her entire life. Use that as a place to start. If there are any particularly funny or touching moments that you can think of to reflect on in the speech, try to mold them into a starting place for your speech.
Anecdotes also work well later in the speech. Personal stories can be told on the fly and from the heart. They relate an intimate moment that you and your daughter shared, but can also entertain a crowd. You may even be able to go to the bride herself and ask if there are any particular memories that she treasurers and would like you to talk about.
Stories and anecdotes are just a starting place though. Often in speeches, they lead to bigger ideas. You can use a story to relate not just an event that happened, but also the type of relationship you and your daughter have. It is important to reflect on this relationship during the speech. Whether you two have always been the best of friends or you've had your ups and downs, it's okay to include it all.
It's also important to reflect on the new relationship in your daughter's life. You can tell stories about what it was like when you met the groom and when they announced that they wanted to get married. Do the three of you have any special experiences together? The groom is now as much a part of your family as your own daughter, so if you can include him in any of your anecdotes, it's good to do so.
You can also talk exclusively about the bride and groom. As the bride's mother, you have probably gotten to see their relationship as it evolved. Commenting on the love you see them sharing with each other is a great thing to include in a wedding speech. It shows that you are supportive and willing to welcome the groom into your family. It forges a bond right away that will last the rest of your lives.
If you have the inside knowledge, it is often entertaining to guests to hear how the bride and groom met. You may have firsthand knowledge of this meeting. If so, feel free to tell the story. It is fascinating for guests and sentimental for the couple. Even if you have secondhand knowledge, tell the story from your point of view.
Most importantly, remember your daughter in this speech. Express your feelings about her in particular. Make sure that she knows that this day is just as special for you as it is for her. This is an experience that a mother and daughter will share and cherish for the rest of their lives, so make sure you pick words that truly have meaning for you both.

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Mother of Bride Speech

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This article was published on 2010/11/03
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