Best Man Speeches - An Outline For Success

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Being the Best Man brings its added share of responsibilities, from organizing the Bachelor Party to minding the wedding rings and much more but the responsibility that will weigh heaviest on the Best Man's shoulders is the duty of delivering a Best Man speech to an expectant audience of friends, family and wedding guests.

The fear of public speaking (glossophobia) is a common phobia so it is hard not to have sympathy with a Best Man who, perhaps being unfamiliar with giving a public speech, is all of a sudden thrust into the limelight and expected to wow those listening with a mixture of witty remarks, funny jokes and humorous stories. This pressure can take its toll on the Best Man and leave him in such an anxious state that he will be unable to enjoy the pre-wedding celebrations, even the Bachelor Party, as the thoughts of giving the Best Man speech will never be far from his mind. Even experienced public-speakers find their legs turn to jelly as they stand to deliver a Best Man speech so do not contemplate trying to deliver an impromptu speech as you may end-up being more embarrassed than the Groom.

Getting your speech off to a good start is vital in providing you with a boost of confidence so have a great icebreaker to begin your speech with, avoid a joke at this stage as if it is not well-received then your confidence will take a knock. You will find that a welcoming comment or light-hearted one-liner will work best as an opening line so do not over-complicate things at the initial stage of your speech.

If you haven't already done so, then following your ice-breaker, you should welcome the wedding guests to the wedding with a special mention for anyone who has travelled a great distance to be there. The next part of your speech should be used to show appreciation for those who have helped make the event the wonderful occasion that it is, so consider the following list of people in that regard: the Bridesmaids, the Bride's family, the Groom's family, and of course the Bride and Groom themselves.

Compliments play a major part in successful Best Man speeches so reserve a section of your speech to lavish praise upon the Bride. Mention how beautiful she looks, talk about some of her best traits and refer to the positive impact her friendship has upon everyone she meets. The wedding guests will delight in your thoughtful remarks so you can expect warm applause here.

Now you can focus your attention on the Groom, so humor should play a part in this section of your speech though be mindful to keep the humor suitable for all ages. When you are telling a story about the groom you should begin with a teasing line like "would anyone here like to here a secret from the Groom's past?", or "not many people know this but..." before telling your funny story. Be careful not to tell a story about him that might embarrass the Bride or the Groom's mom as you do not want to ruin their special day. It also worth passing comment on what a wonderful friend / brother the Groom has been before continuing with the humor.

Short Best Man jokes and funny one-liners should be included throughout your speech and for further humor offer your own unique advice on marriage (regardless of whether you are married or not) and consider the use of props for your Best Man speech as they can have a sensational effect on those in attendance at the wedding.

As you come towards the end of your speech begin the closing segment by referring to the special love that the Bride and Groom have for each other and share a heartwarming story that demonstrates an example of how they make an ideal couple. Relay to everyone your appreciation for listening to your speech, mention how much you look forward to catching up with old friends later in the day and ask everyone to be upstanding as you offer a toast to the Bride and Groom. Ensure your Best Man toast is an uplifting, inspiring one and look forward to the rapturous ovation that will follow your Best Man speech.

Great Best Man speeches will ensure the wedding guests have a wonderful time and leave Best Men with memories to last a lifetime.

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Best Man Speeches - An Outline For Success

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This article was published on 2010/04/18
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